Yes Way Rosé!

Copper and metallic finishes are the new must-have! According to fashion forecasters, mixed materials will capture the essence of this season. It’s about time that the industrial look of metals will finally be the main focal point. When changing your home decoration you may find that most of your items you have at your home are plain and simple.

At Selections By Chaumont we have mirrors that will reflect who you are. Our framed pieces are mainly focused on our customers wants. Designs this upcoming season echoes the combination of materials, it’ all about that copper and metallic clash! This trend is a fabulous way to create an impact and show a real sense of modernization. Rehabilitate your home and allow a new connection with your living space.

You’ll find that this Rose Gold Weave Large Rectangle Wall Mirror is a stylish piece that compliments any other piece in your home. The dashing combination of the metallic color and weave texture captures a contemporary look. Anyone looking at this mirror will not fail to notice its features. The touch of rose gold instantly adds an extra touch of class.

This year is all about new beginnings, so why not incorporate them into your home. Embrace all the features a mirror has to offer and reflect who you are with our mirrors. Our Rose Gold Panneled Glass Wall Mirror makes an elegant statement to any space. This statement mirror creates an illusion of more space with its rose gold metallic clash.