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White is the New Black

Black is so last season! Literally. It’s about that time when we start decorating for the spring, greens, pastels and everything flowery become the staple for this season’s go to home decoration themes. When changing your home decorations you may find that most of the items you have in your home are dark colored or antique.

At Selections By Chaumont we have mirrors for all seasons. Whether you have a nautical themed dining room that needs a pick me up, or an updated hallway with too much brown. Here at Selections By Chaumont you will find the perfect mirror to fit your spring themed décor.

If you live near a beach then it’s almost a must to have our Beachcomber Rectangular mirror in your bathroom! The white rectangular panels add a coastal feel to your home. Add some starfish accents and silver finishes and it’s a yacht party waiting to happen.

Simple mirrors are so outdated. Find a mirror with protruding frames. Our Danielle White Wall Mirror is the perfect fit for this style; it has elegant molding with scalloped edges that will spruce up any living room.

For those who have small apartments, may not have the biggest foyer. Decorating for it may be slightly difficult when it comes to finding the right mirror. While a large leaner mirror be out of the question you can jazz up a small space by making the mirror you place there untraditional with a vintage and unique frame. The Sandringham Antique White Decorative Mirror will be sure to make a statement.

This is why SBC is perfect to shop for when you’re looking for standout pieces to tie together your themes for each season!

kimchaumont in Fort Worth, TX on Houzz