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Ballin' On A Budget: Mirrors $200 and Under!

Everyone loves to save money! Who doesn’t? Just because your wallet is looking thin, doesn’t mean that your home décor needs to suffer. Here are some great ways to style your home while not breaking the bank!


Ever heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? At SBC we believe the exact same thing. But our twist on that slogan is that beauty is also found in a mirror! Why not purchase a beautiful Amarone Crowned Cream Dress Mirror to look at it as you get dressed. Not only does this mirror show you how good you look everyday but it adds beautiful style to your room. How to style it: Brighten up the room by hanging strands of lights across the mirror! Show it off by bringing attention to it with little cost.


Natural wood décor in any home is all the craze right now, it adds a more earthy vibe to any room, not to mention natural wood goes with almost any room theme. Our Stockholm Natural Wood Mirror, is the perfect fit for you. How to style it: Adding some potted plants next to this beautiful wooden frame is an inexpensive way to freshen up a room and add life.


If you’re looking to style your home in a more bohemian/vintage theme, our Marrakesh Rectangular Mirror is the mirror that will be sure to take your room from boring to fun and shabbychic. How to style it: Because this mirror is so simple but fun, you can add pops of accent colors in the room which will make this mirror that much more appealing to look at!

Apart from some of our favorite mirrors, SBC Décor has a lot to offer for all types of mirrors when it comes to saving money. We are constantly having sales and discounts, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get in on these exclusive offers!

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